Understanding Umbrella Policies
Umbrella insurance can provide extra coverage for excess liability. Despite their affordability and importance, many people don’t understand these policies or don’t think they need them. Here’s a review of the basics of umbrella – and planning for a rainy day.
The Benefits of a Side Hustle
The "side hustle" has been a frequent topic in the era of student debt and the gig economy. In today's post, we'll be exploring the perks of starting your own side hustle.
5/5/2017 Sarah Robinson
How Americans are Spending their Refund (and How You Should Spend Yours)
Think people are spending their tax refund on new TV’s and vacations? Think again!
4/21/2017 Scott Mazuzan
It’s the economy, stupid
With the election of President Trump the stock market has been on a roller coaster ride, now where is this ride taking us? Let’s explore a few market updates and what you should be expecting.
Taxes: Human vs. Software
This conversation always comes up around tax season: software or accountant? Let's explore the options and see what will be the best decision for you.
3/24/2017 Scott Mazuzan
Money Management: Parents & Kids
What parents and kids are saying, doing, and thinking when it comes to money.
3/8/2017 Scott Mazuzan
Lessons from a Preschooler
When it comes to financial advice, "just because" doesn't cut it.
2/24/2017 Scott Mazuzan
Know What You Own: Navigating the Sustainable Investing Landscape
Sustainable Investing – don’t get lost in the soup of acronyms, misinformation and good intentions.
2/10/2017 Andrew B. Wetzel
Three Quick Tips to Cut Spending
Even if you use just one of these three quick spending tips, you could cut spending this year.
1/27/2017 Glen P. Martin
Three More Questions for Your (New) Financial Advisor
This time of year, we hear from many new clients following through on their New Year's resolutions. With that in mind, we've covered three questions you should ask when searching for a new financial advisor.
1/13/2017 Scott Mazuzan
Automate Your New Year's Resolutions
Want to get some of your New Year's resolutions out of the way? Before 2017 even starts, take steps to automate you retirement or college savings.
Harvest Season: Capital Gains, Capital Losses, and the Basics of Tax Loss Harvesting
With the end of the year approaching you may be hearing a few of these terms being tossed around. This week we have a broad overview about "harvest season" to help you save a few dollars once tax season comes.
12/21/2016 Scott Mazuzan
Tips for Holiday Spending
Love the holidays? Your bank account probably doesn’t. Instead of “swiping & hoping,” consider some of our team’s tips for smarter holiday spending.
12/6/2016 Scott Mazuzan
#GivingTuesday is entering its fifth year. We found a few resources to help you get involved with charitable giving.
11/29/2016 Scott Mazuzan
5 Financial Planning Tips for Parents
A parent's job can be all consuming. Here are five planning topics for you and your spouse to talk about together.
11/17/2016 Scott Mazuzan
The Importance of Context
Focus on the importance of context during: economic, social and political surprises.
11/9/2016 Scott Mazuzan
Baby Boomers and Retirement Planning
Exploring the retirement habits of the generation rewriting the retirement rules.
11/2/2016 Scott Mazuzan
Is Your Investment Wearing a Costume?
With the season of candy corn and pumpkin spice lattes upon us, take a look behind the mask your investment could be wearing. We'll go over 3 basic questions you should ask yourself while looking over your 10/31 statement.
10/26/2016 Scott Mazuzan
3 Estate Planning Myths
During National Estate Planning Awareness Week we address common estate planning myths.
10/19/2016 Scott Mazuzan
Steak & Grilled Cheese: Couples Combining Finances
As life unfolds, so does our relationship with money. A story about one couple adjusting to combined finances.
10/5/2016 Scott Mazuzan
Gen-X and Retirement Planning
Learn about the generation who is behind on their retirement savings, but have plenty of time to catch up.
9/28/2016 Scott Mazuzan
Applying for Financial Aid? 3 Key Acronyms to Keep in Mind
TMI, EFC, PWM, COA-- feel lost in a world full of acronyms? Let's get started with 3 you need to know when applying for financial aid.
Changed Jobs, Received a Retirement Plan Distribution? Don’t Panic.
Starting a new job can be exciting and overwhelming, so let's get one thing out of the way: your previous 401(k) plan.
9/13/2016 Glen P. Martin
What is "Social Security Maximization"?
A closer look at the Social Security conversation.
9/8/2016 Scott Mazuzan
Millennials and Retirement Planning
Taking a look at the saving habits of the largest generation in today's workforce.
8/30/2016 Scott Mazuzan
Back to School: One More Thing Your College Student Needs
Back to school time has finally arrived. What's one thing you may be forgetting to send your with your child to college?
8/24/2016 Glen P. Martin
4 "P's" for Dealing with Debt
4 Quick Tips for Dealing with Debt
8/17/2016 Scott Mazuzan
Three Questions for your Financial Advisor
What you need to know about your advisor.
8/9/2016 Scott Mazuzan
The Long Term Care Conversation
Why it is important to start having the Long Term Care conversation at any age.
8/3/2016 Scott Mazuzan
What is a "Fee-Only" Advisor?
Taking a look at fee-only financial advice.
7/25/2016 Scott Mazuzan
The Emotional Balance Sheet
On remembering to check both balance sheets: financial and emotional.
7/18/2016 Scott Mazuzan
3 Words for This Week
Stay up to date on the latest buzzwords circulating the news-- BREXIT, Fiduciary and T-Note
7/11/2016 Scott Mazuzan
Estate Planning for Young Families: Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable
We are all busy. Discover why it is important to tackle your life insurance and wills when starting a family.
7/6/2016 Scott Mazuzan
Index Investing Basics
“Indexing” is a low cost, accessible way for investors to participate in the global markets - for beginners and experts alike. Let's take some time to go over the basics.
6/30/2016 Scott Mazuzan

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